Advanced Practice of Project Management


To join this program, certain qualifications must be met, including:

  • Candidates must have a 3 years experience in managing projects or programs.
  • Candidates must have a Baccalaureate or Bachelor’s degree in any university, or its equivalent.


MITS offers Advanced Practice of Project Management training program designed for professionals who are interested in securing an edge on their respective careers and organizations. This program provides participants the advanced skills required to execute business strategies more effectively. Your thorough learning experience, founded in Management and Information Technology Solutions, is linked with practical instruction on the processes, organizational structures, and tools to guarantee that your project, program, and portfolio work produces your organization’s desired results.

Gain structured knowledge on the more advanced areas in managing your business’ projects and learn the proper way in taking control of your work environment by improving your understanding of project business cases and newer development strategies and outsourcing. Through case studies, interactive discussions with other eager participants, and expert instructions, you and your organization will obtain the essential tools needed to improve project success rates.

Jumpstart the success of your career and organization through Management and Information Technology Solutions’ Advanced Practice of Project Management program!


  • Advance a thorough knowledge of strategy, project portfolios, and portfolio alignment
  • Advance proactive recommendations for the enhancement of portfolio management process in an organization
  • Use project evaluation, prioritization and selection strategies to an organization’s existing project portfolio


  • Converting Strategy Into its Effective Execution
  • Executing Complex Design Programs
  • Leadership for Strategic Development
  • Flexible Application of Strategy
  • Designing the Organization for Execution
  • Analysis and Understanding of Project’s Financial Aspects
  • Leading Change from the Middle
  • Leading Effective and Efficient Teams
  • Understanding Customer Relationship
  • Balancing Interdependence Among Customers
  • Managing Without Authority
  • Learning and Mastering Project Portfolio
  • Project Innovation by Applying Critical Design Thinking
  • Project Risk Management
  • The Strategic PMO: Projects to Enterprise
  • Project Management Mastery


Our Advanced Practice of Project Management course program will align to your career and organizational goals by integrating business processes and company language. After finishing this coursework, participants will be able to gain useful and responsive insights. They can achieve active learning profit and apply it effectively on their work processes:

  • The general foundation of business strategy which includes modern views of enterprise strategy and its execution
  • Examples of effective business model strategy, with knowledge of how and why they work
  • Knowledge in implementing strategies with projects and application of project portfolio as a strategic decision vehicle
  • Proactive tools and strategies used to obtain proper selection of projects and align these projects to the organizational strategy
  • Knowledge in ensuring strategic alignment throughout the entire project life-cycle and sustain key stakeholders engaged with the project
  • Skills and confidence in applying a practical planning technique
  • Learning ability to know if a project can be executed in coordination to its scheduled time and budget
  • Knowledge regarding the discovery of risks necessary to address a constrained delivery date
  • Bring confidence to communicate project trade-offs more effectively and create achievable objectives with clients, managers, and project team members
  • Thorough knowledge of how to record actual project progress and then use the project framework to detect and manage variance
  • Set abilities to “frame” your questions when interpreting the project plan to detect hidden variances


MITS offers this program to individuals, such as:

  • PMO Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Senior Project Managers

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