AGILE for SDLC Management

Project Managers need to change their thinking and approaches to work within an Agile development environment through being oriented on collaboration over command and control, thorough delivery of a project release, and risk monitoring and management that is covered within the process rather than a separate, distinct work aspect.
This training program introduces the principles and practices that allow teams to work more effectively to generate great products to satisfied customers. This program is designed for project managers and managers who work with Agile teams. MITS offers this course with highly-interactive workshops, combining lectures and experimental learning activities to offer participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of an Agile software delivery lifecycle from a PMs perspective.

In this MITS’ Agilefor SDLC Management training course, participants will be able to:

  • Adopt and adapt a model of continuous planning from simply following a plan
  • Convert your Agile Management style from “command and control” to “empower and inspire” with your team
  • Develop a cadence for the team and eradicate process distractions and hindrances to make more room for result efficiency
  • Develop dependable and achievable estimates using Agile Management estimating techniques
  • Communicate more transparently and eliminate distractions and conflicts within your team
  • Bring rapid transitions in building trust with your team members and customers by using frequent and effective collaboration techniques


  • Traditional SDLC     
  • Foundations of Agile      
  • Agile framework overview            
  • Myths and facts about Agile practices and outcomes, including what types of projects are suited to Agile approaches
  • Initiating a Project      
  • Creating Agile Teams       
  • Creating  great self-organizing teams           
  • Creating an Agile Work Environment and Selecting Tools
  • Agile Planning and Estimation      
  • User stories versus use cases
  • Release and Iteration Planning
  • Agile Design      
  • Agile Testing      
  • Agile Risk Management      
  • Agile Risk Management techniques and practices
  • Agile Project Management      
  • Status reporting and recovery when things go wrong
  • Scaling Agile projects and Distributed teams
  • Metrics for PM’s


  • Understand Agile Management principles and practices that will convert team performance and develop customer satisfaction
  • Obtain valuable knowledge to building trusts and empowering your Agile team
  • Acquire insight on establishing transparency in communication within your team and with your customers
  • Know strategies to improve team into high-performance Agile team
  • Obtain powerful Agile Management skills with the use of Agile estimating methods, allowing you to derive estimates rapidly and more accurately and help you in iteration and release planning
  • Incorporate the best techniques from multiple Agile Management methods to use to your Agile team
  • Acknowledge the importance of knowing and involving with your customers to yield better results
  • Develop a scheme for collaborating Agile Management practices into your specific work aspects
  • Obtain deep knowledge, strategies and skills to successfully coach a new or existing Agile team
  • Learn the effective way in establishing and communicating appropriate expectations for your Agile team, including roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Understand and practice a model of continuous planning and risk elimination
  • Obtain thorough understanding of the importance in building and maintaining trust in your Agile Development Team
  • Convert prioritization of requirements from a core solution to a continuously improving part of the Agile development process


  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • UI and UX Designers
  • Testers
  • Quality Auditors

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