Big Data Analytics and Management

MITS can help you and your business in enhancing your profitability, integrating processes, improving marketing, advancing R&D and meeting customer’s needs more effectively through our Big Data Analytics and Management course. We offer this course to individuals who seek to improve their organization’s all-in processes and performance, across multiple domains, using big volumes of data. This course is designed to offer learners with the technical, quantitative, business and managerial skills needed to allow organizations to make use from these multi-faceted benefits.

It is intended to address the increasing demand for qualified analytic managers and business-minded data scientists as each course in this program highlights the collaborative effort in mathematical, technological and managerial or organizational aspects of Big Data. With our experienced instructors, they will clearly explain the components of analytics and the creation of a successful data science function to nurture, manage, and provide the maximum possible value derived from data insight. MITS’ course program will challenge both business-focused and technically minded participants to expand their knowledge, adopt new ways of thinking, and adapt to the strategic techniques made achievable through data analytics.


  • A minimum of 3 years work experience is highly recommended.
  • Participants should be very fluent in computer usage and its general technological concepts.
  • A previous course in statistics or probability is an edge to the course.

Course Overview:
This course provides learners with an initial knowledge to the introductory and overview of enterprise analytics, Big Data and the many underlying topics including successful development, establishment, management and value creation. The course is directed to statistics, computer security, compute or data architecture, software tools and techniques, data life cycle, data quality management, IT governance, cognitive bias, privacy and staff training. Lectures, readings, videos, group projects, case studies, exercises, exams and class discussions are employed accordingly. Participants are encouraged to collaborate during the entire program and work outside their comfort zones so they can maximally explore both technical and managerial aspects of Big Data.

Key Points About Big Data Analytics and Management:

  • Data life cycle
  • Tools of Big Data
  • Probability and statistics course refresher
  • Data security and privacy
  • Data models
  • Management challenges and responsibilities
  • Hadoop and Weka
  • Innovations in management
  • Knowledge representation
  • Finding business value
  • Big Data ethical concerns and issues
  • Data bases and Big Data
  • Data quality management
  • Dealing with unstructured data

What You’ll Learn:

  • Gain knowledge with the challenges of managing Big Data
  • Gain knowledge on formalizing business problems as a machine learning problem
  • Gain knowledge on the open data paradigm
  • Gain knowledge on the economic, ethical and legal guidelines in operating a business
  • Determine the most important characteristics in Big Data management which leads the choice of an architectural solution
  • Practice the proper usage of Big Data management tools on the market (Hadoop, MongoDB, Neo4J, Spark, etc.)
  • Determine statistical or machine learning models that are perfect to solve a given problem
  • Be able to perform pre-processing of data
  • Be able to assess the success rate of the proposed models
  • Obtain specific knowledge about the usage of Big Data for future decision-making processes in business
  • Determine the most suitable practices in the usage of Big Data when creating a business
  • Employ business modeling tools

Who Needs To Take This Course:
This course is suitable to everyone who has the need, desire and/or career drive to enter the world of Big Data. The program is open for those who are currently working as business analysts, mathematics teachers, computer programmers, accountants, auditors, researchers, statisticians and other related work experience.

Because the program is focused on creating mixed profiles (Big Data Analytics and Management), technical training in centralized databases and programming and basic knowledge of statistics (equivalent to the knowledge obtained in any Engineering degree) are highly required before enrolling the course.

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