ITIL Foundation

MITS offers a wide range of courses to help you optimize your IT assets, strategies, resources and continual improvement processes across your entire company. You can begin with an ITIL Foundation class for a general overview of core processes, and then broaden your knowledge and ability to make your organizational operations more effective with the other succeeding courses.


Prior to attending this course, it is recommended that the learner is familiar with IT terminologies, services and IT-related work experience.

Course overview:

ITIL Foundation level is the preliminary level qualification which provides you with a general knowledge of the key elements, concepts and terminologies used in the ITIL service lifecycle. This includes the links between every lifecycle stages, the methods and processes used and their benefits or contributions to service management practices. MITS offers an engaging and proactive course in introducing you to the lifecycle of managing IT services, to its delivery and up until they meet your business expectations. Using an interesting case study, you’ll learn the core disciplines of ITIL best practices. You can expect to gain a general overview and basic knowledge of ITIL after having successfully passed the ITIL Foundation training and examination.

There are five core disciplines in ITIL:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

All of these disciplines present themselves with an essential service to the lifecycle framework that further develops alignment to the business while exhibiting business value and ROI and allowing IT to solve specific operational needs.

Our ITIL Foundation course includes handouts and references, as well as practice sessions, quizzes, exam strategies, and test-taking tips.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Service Management Defined
    • Definition on IT services and their importance and/or roles
    • Definition on how IT services deliver value to customers
    • Importance of IT service management
  2. ITIL Introduction
    • Essential practices
    • ITIL adoption with ease
    • ITIL qualification scheme, bodies and certifications
  3. Service Strategy
    • Design, develop and utilize IT service management
    • Service management as a strategic asset to organizations
    • Setting objectives and expectations
    • Identify and select prioritization opportunities
  4. Service Design
    • Develop processes
    • Develop services
    • Design services, principles and methods
    • Convert service strategies into services
  5. Service Transition
    • Develop and enhance capabilities
    • Enhanced methods for converting new and changed strategic solutions into services and operations
    • Manage the challenges related to such conversion
    • Limiting undesired outcomes while promoting innovation
  6. Service Operations
    • Deliver support services with efficacy and efficiency
    • Ensure value to customer and service provider
    • Sustain stability while allowing and promoting innovation
    • Organize work operations to improve IT support to end users
  7. Continual Service Improvement
    • Provide and maintain value for customers
    • Essential features in better design, representation and operation of service
    • Enhancement of service quality, business continuity, and IT efficiency
    • Connect improvement efforts to strategy, design and conversion
  8. Exam Taking Tips
    • Provision of several important techniques to help you pass your ITIL exam
  9. Exam review

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key concepts of ITIL
  • Essential core principles for improving IT operations
  • Vital processes and functions
  • Practical assistance for applying ITIL to everyday IT situations
  • Aligning business, control costs, and enhance IT service quality
  • Strategic plans in balancing IT resources

Who Needs To Take This Course:
Anyone who seeks for ITIL Foundation certification, and everyone who is interested in aligning IT with their businesses, controlling and reducing IT costs, enhancing quality of IT service, and balancing IT resources in its most effective manner. All IT professionals, IT architects, IT project managers, IT managers, IT project members, coordinators, network operators, business process analysts, consultants, system integrators, planners, outsourcers, application developers and any other IT-related positions.

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