Manager of Quality and OE

MITS offers a training course for individuals who want to become a professional manager with exceeding quality to lead and drive excellence in work processes and improve initiatives across several business areas, from small brands to worldwide organizations.


  • Prior knowledge of quality or quality management is recommended for the course is designed as a refresher course of the subject areas needed for the CMQ or OE exam.


The course is presented in a way that reestablishes current or previous knowledge, reviews applications that may not be applied in daily operations, analyzes and demonstrates concepts for their application, and features constructed response to questions. Participants will obtain course materials to guide them in their training’s lectures and exercises.


  • Reevaluate the Body of Knowledge for the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality or Organizational Excellence examination
  • Exercise test testing abilities
  • Enhance participant’s writing abilities in the formation of his/her ‘constructed response’ section of the examination
  • Learn the topics covered by the seven main domains in the CMQ or OE Body of Knowledge
  • Become acquainted with questions related to those within the ASQ CMQ or OE exam

Topics presented under MITS’ CMQ / OE course training will follow the educational program sequence as per the Manager of Quality or Organizational Excellence Body of knowledge. These are as follows:

  • Leadership
    • Describe and differentiate different basic organizational designs
    • Describe and differentiate different organizational culture
    • Define general leadership roles
    • Apply several change management methods
    • Use techniques that maintain and establish employee interest
    • Use several techniques to grant individuals and teams
    • Classify several types of teams and understand team development states
    • Use essential team-building strategies and assess teams in relation to supported goals
  • Strategic Plan Development and Execution
    • Define, describe and apply essential key elements of systematic strategic planning designs, with the inclusion of considering relationship of mission, vision and guiding principles to plan
    • Execute business environmental assessment
    • Design and apply performance measures
  • Management Elements and Methods
    • Understand and use basic management principles
    • Understand and define management theories, styles and tools
    • Define interrelationship among an organization’s department
    • Analyze key challenges in communication
    • Use project management tools
    • Produce quality mission and policy
    • Embrace quality models and theories
  • Quality Management Tools
    • Choose, analyze and use the seven classic quality tools
    • Plan, improve and innovate processes and tools
    • Describe and classify several cost of quality
    • Define how process goals are executed and examined
    • Analyze and use lean tools
    • Apply measurement, monitoring and metrics approach
  • Customer-Oriented Organization
    • Define and understand an organization’s approach of internal and external customers
    • Apply different tools and methods in the identification and arrangement of customer needs and expectations
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Describe and create supplier selection criteria
    • Describe and understand common measures of supplier performance
    • Produce and establish supplier certification programs
  • Training and Development
    • Produce and execute training strategies
    • Apply different tools and methods in the development and execution of training needs analysis
    • Describe and execute different ways of measuring training performance


Once the candidate has successfully completed the training course, he or she will be able to gain thorough knowledge and exhibit certain abilities such as:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Plan Development and Execution
  • Management Elements, Methods and Procedures
  • Quality Management Tools
  • Customer-Centered Organization
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Training and Development


This course is offered for individuals or quality managers who want to achieve their ASQ Certification in Certified Quality Manager or Organizational Excellence.

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