Medical Coding and Billing


You can earn your career certificate in medical billing and coding through the rigorous training program offered to you by Management & Information Technology Solutions (MITS). Our regionally and nationally accredited Medical Billing and Coding training program is designed to help you prepare to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist (CPC) exam. This program offers engaging and well-structured lessons, comprehensive curriculum, hands-on exercises and real-work situations to provide you with the highest quality training possible at a bargain.


  • At the end of the training program, participants are expected to demonstrate the following abilities:
  • Understand and apply coding guidelines of CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10, and HCPCS to detect diagnoses, procedures, and patient medical records
  • Determine the procedures needed for patient record retrieval and payment
  • Analyze and interpret the role and responsibilities associated in a medical coder career as an intermediary between the health clinician and billing offices
  • Apply computer and information literacy skills in using electronic medical software for daily processes
  • Determine terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts, theories, principles, and processes within medical coding and billing scenarios
  • Determine relationships among data and group items within medical coding and billing scenarios
  • Comprehend on laws and theories such as issues associated to ethics and confidentiality
  • Calculate solutions to mathematical problems associated to reimbursement and medical mathematics
  • Explain and assess information to make appropriate coding decisions
  • Re-evaluate and improve basic written and workplace communication skills


Overview of Learning Activities

This course is designed to offer participants with comprehensive coverage of the various topic areas. MITS’ course program will thoroughly provide the nuclear details around which the topics will be covered. We deliver a student centered approach in this coursework to provide better guidance and more effective adoption to the information presented. This course is handled by our expert instructor, coupled with engaging texts, hands-on exercises and real work situations.

Overview of Learning Resources

In this coursework, learning resources include the use of recommended text books, lecture notes (as presented through PowerPoint presentations), handouts or references on selected topics.

Topics covered in this program are as follows:

  • Introduction to Allied Health System
  • Laws, Ethics, and Confidentiality Standards in Allied Health
  • Medical Billing and Health Insurance
  • Medical Office Procedures
  • Body Systems and Medical Terminology 1
  • Body Systems and Medical Terminology 2
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Pathology and Pharmacology
  • Basic Coding Using ICD-9 and ICD-10
  • Intermediate Medical Coding
  • Advanced Medical Coding Scenarios


The completion of this training program will allow participants to reap several benefits which include:

  • Gain insights on the fundamentals of medical coding
  • Gain insights on human anatomy, physiology and medical terminologies
  • Gain insights on the appropriate way in coding for diagnoses, procedures, and supplies using the current code sets
  • Gain insights on the appropriate way in using coding software and the Internet to increase your earnings
  • Be able to earn a certificate in the latest medical coding standards
  • Be able to get hired or promoted in the medical coding and billing field


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality training in Information Technology at a very reasonable cost.


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