Candidates must have a general understanding and working knowledge on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This course is also intended for candidates who are interested in pursuing MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist in Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.


Microsoft Office software is not just applied in education; it is as well involved in all business, technical, and professional jobs. It is considered a must-have tool for small business and entrepreneurs. Over two million Microsoft Office Specialist certificates have been issued, and Microsoft currently grants approximately 38,000 certificates per month.

Earning the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification will help individuals in validating their proficiency in using Microsoft Office 2013 and meets the demand requirements for the most up-to-date skills on the latest Microsoft technologies. Candidates who pass a certification exam can eventually prove that they can meet global performance standards and competitiveness, taking their career a step forward amongst those non-certificate holders.


By completing this training course, participants are expected to possess professionalism in handling Office Applications users prepared to sit and pass the MOS/MOUS Expert and Proficient examinations in the Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Outlook products. Microsoft designed the MOS certification product to give participants a comprehensive yet structured knowledge of the applications in the Office Suite, serving for a more thorough understanding of the application of these powerful tools.

  • Create advanced templates and forms in Word
  • Work with filters, pivot tables and maps in Excel
  • Edit macros in Excel
  • Create relational databases in Access and edit forms and reports
  • Design, create and publish professional presentations using PowerPoint
  • Publish to and distribute results on the Web and Intranet
  • Incorporate all the Office applications
  • Schedule resources using Outlook


  1. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – Word 2013
    • Formatting Content
    • Developing with Visual Content
    • Formulating Content
    • Re-evaluating Documents
    • Sharing and Securing Content
  2. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel 2013
    • Administering the Worksheet Environment
    • Building Cell Data
    • Formatting Cells and Worksheets
    • Administering Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Displaying Data Visually
    • Sharing worksheet data with other users
    • Interpreting and Organizing Data
  3. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – Word 2013 Expert
    • Sharing and Maintaining Documents
    • Formatting Content
    • Monitoring and Referencing Documents
    • Executing Mail Merge Operations
    • Administering Macros and Forms
  4. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel 2013 Expert
    • Sharing and Maintaining Workbooks
    • Working Formulas and Functions
    • Displaying Data Visually
    • Working with Macros and Forms
  5. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – PowerPoint 2013
    • Administering the PowerPoint Environment
    • Building and Formatting Slide Content
    • Building and Formatting Illustrations and Tables
    • Integrating on and Delivering Presentations
  6. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – Outlook 2013
    • Administering the Outlook Environment
    • Building and Formatting Item Content
    • Administering Email Messages
    • Administering Contacts
    • Administering Calendar Objects
    • Developing with Tasks, Notes and Journal Entries
  7. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – Access 2013
    • Creating a Database
    • Creating and Formatting Database Elements
    • Entering and Formatting Data
    • Creating and Formatting Queries
    • Displaying and Sharing Data
    • Administering a Database
  8. 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist – SharePoint 2013
    • Creating and formatting content
    • Managing SharePoint sites
    • Participating in user communities
    • Configuring and consuming site search results
    • Incorporating SharePoint 2013 Services and Microsoft Office 2010 applications


This training program is a good choice to anyone who wishes to obtain and execute professional level of expertise in the Microsoft Office Suite, such as the following professionals:

  • Clerical and Office professionals
  • Consultants
  • Executives or Managers
  • Help desk personnel
  • Instructors or Trainers
  • Marketing personnel
  • Product developers
  • Sales representatives
  • Students
  • Writers
  • Accountants
  • Program/Project Managers


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