MOS Expert


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert course is offered as Advanced MS office training. This expert level certification is currently available for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word only.

You can choose to take either one or both the exams, a Microsoft Office Expert certification credential will be awarded for each exam the candidate passes. Candidates do not need to pass the specialist-level exam to take the expert exam.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert certification sets individuals apart in today’s highly competitive job market, providing several employment opportunities, greater earning potential and better career advancement, in addition to increased job satisfaction. Candidates must pass the Microsoft Expert exam in Word, Excel, or both to earn the title of MOS Expert in that application. Candidates who have finished this training course can also offer training to their own company employees.


By completing this training course, participants are expected to possess professionalism in handling Office Applications users prepared to sit and pass the MOS Expert and Proficient examinations in the Word and Excel products. Microsoft designed the MOS certification product to give participants a comprehensive yet structured knowledge of the applications in the Office Suite, serving for a more thorough understanding of the application of these powerful tools.

  • Sharing and maintaining documents
  • Using features presented on styles
  • Using features such as quickparts
  • Working with tables and charts
  • Monitoring and reviewing documents
  • Understanding and differentiating Reference Information sources
  • Creating an index
  • Merging several documents
  • Using forms and macros


Overview of Learning Activities

This course is designed to offer participants with comprehensive coverage of the various topic areas. MITS’ course program will thoroughly provide the nuclear details around which the topics will be covered. We deliver a student centered approach in this coursework to provide better guidance and more effective adoption to the information presented. This course is handled by our expert instructor, coupled with engaging texts, hands-on exercises and real work situations.

Overview of Learning Resources

In this coursework, learning resources include the use of recommended text books, lecture notes (as presented through PowerPoint presentations), handouts or references on selected topics.

  • Microsoft Office Word 2013 Expert certification
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2013 Expert
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Expert
  • Microsoft Office Word 2010 Expert certification
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2010 Expert
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Expert
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 Expert certification
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Expert
  • MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Expert


This course training is intended for anyone who wishes to gain a recognized qualification in Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word Expert 2013.  In this training, candidates are assumed that they have completed the Microsoft Word Office Specialist Course or have equivalent Microsoft Office knowledge and experience.  Participants must be committed to observe self-study and have access to a computer with reliable internet source outside normal working hours.

MITS’ Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert training program is a good choice to the following professionals:

  • Program or Project managers
  • Instructors
  • Graduate students
  • Technical writers
  • Accountants
  • Financial analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Commercial bankers
  • Clerical and Office professionals
  • Consultants
  • Executives or Managers
  • Help desk personnel
  • Marketing personnel
  • Product developers
  • Sales representatives
  • Students
  • Writers
  • Editors


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