Web Design and E-Commerce Development


To take this course, participants need to have the following:

  • Computer with Internet connection of 56 Kbps or faster
  • Experience in developing Web pages with HTML and CSS, be it through hand-coding or using an editor software
  • Experience in creating Web graphics using Photoshop or any other graphics application
  • Experience in FTPing files to the Web
  • Knowledge in basic Web hosting account


MITS offers comprehensive course training to help participants in their career and/or business advancements. Our intensive program is designed to teach participants the fundamentals and advanced concepts, practices, and tools of web design. We incorporate such learning experience with staggered practical approach to associate knowledge with hands-on skills. With our refreshing access to training, we teach the most essential concepts from HTML, CSS, WordPress, HTML emails, Ecommerce, SEO, social media integration and so much more. This course training is handled by an expert instructor. In his professional instruction, he will handle classes with engaging texts, illustrations, videos, hands-on exercises, code downloads and an HTML emulator. This will only mean that participant’s learning experience is maximally efficient, engaging and effective.


In this coursework, participants will learn how to:

  • Develop learning insights in defining and classifying an e-commerce project, including defining the site’s intent, budget, staffing, target audience, and hosting platforms
  • Develop learning insights on the several business account options used by e-commerce sites, including merchant accounts and alternative payment systems
  • Develop learning insights in the way shopping carts and inventory databases operate and user expectations from shopping carts
  • Develop learning insights on the core objectives of the primary pages of an e-commerce site, including the home page, about page, product or service page, and contact page
  • Develop learning insights on the standard approaches to structuring, designing, and developing content for an e-commerce site
  • Plan and design a site plan that includes company description, statement of intent, list of products and services, technology and hosting, staffing process, and general budget
  • Write text content for the fundamental areas of a site, including the home page, about page, product and service page, and contact pages
  • Create a free shopping cart for site audiences and incorporate it to an e-commerce site
  • Choose the appropriate color schemes, typography, layout, graphics, and navigation system for an e-commerce site following the e-commerce design concepts and principles
  • Develop learning insights on the importance of order fulfillment and customer service in valuing customer retention and marketing
  • Plan an effective customer service and order fulfillment strategies for an e-commerce site
  • Explore several business account options used by e-commerce sites, evaluating the costs and features of each plan


  1. Introduction to Websites and Web Designs
    • Parts of a Website
    • Hosting and Domains
    • Web Design Tools
    • Web Development Tools
  2. Dreamweaver Concepts and Practices
    Introduction to HTML
    • Enabling Code using HTML
    • Introduction to CSS
    • CSS3 Concepts, Techniques and Power
  3. Web Design Concepts and Practices
    • Designing for Screens
    • Information Architecture
    • User Interface Design
  4. Web Development Concepts and Practices
    • Designing a Layered Presentation
    • Image Formats and Optimization
    • Publishing, FTP and Testing
    • WordPress I
    • WordPress II
    • WordPress as a CMS
    • WordPress Custom Page Templates
  5. Introduction to E-Commerce, Social Media and Marketing
    • HTML Email Design, Development and Execution
    • E-Commerce
    • Integration to Social Media
    • Concepts and Importance of Search Engine Optimization


After completing the entire Web Design and E-Commerce Development course program, participants will learn the following concepts:

  • Identifying the several types of websites available on the Internet
  • Develop an online process of choosing and building a website for online marketing
  • Ability to design a login-system of online store
  • Explore product management, customer service control and store administration
  • Determine the different online and offline marketing techniques


The Web Design and E-Commerce Development course program is a comprehensive introduction to designing and coding all sizes and kinds of commercial websites. Participants will be able to gain knowledge on the basic concepts behind effective design and web developing, such as uploading content to the Internet and the fundamentals of E-commerce.

This course is suitable for individuals who have programming skills and would like to obtain creative design and E-Commerce skill, or for those who have creative graphic design or art skill and would like to obtain skills in programming and E-Commerce, of for those who have business or E-Commerce skills and would like to obtain skills in computer programming and creative design.

This course is also a great starting point to begin an A.S. degree in Graphic Design, Computer Science, or Business Computer Systems and Management.

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